My husband and I were recently taking a road trip in Indiana when I saw a billboard advertising a concert by “Motley Crew”, being headlined by “Vince Neal”.  Now I had no idea who “Vince Neal” or “Motley Crew” were.  My husband said that he had heard of them but didn’t know anything about them.

As I thought about this singing group, I began to think about other celebrities and how they receive the praises of man.   Some people follow them on social media, attend their concerts or movies and some even worship them.  I think that this adulation can cause some celebrities to think they are special because they are a “celebrity.”

I also think that with the emphasis on “celebrities” in this world, that the common person can begin to think less of him/herself.  We (I put myself in the “common person” category) can begin to think that we are of no importance and that we are a “nothing” in this world.

I looked up the definition of “celebrity” in the dictionary and it said that a “celebrity” is a “very important person (VIP)”.  As I thought about that, I asked myself, “When we all stand before the throne, who will be the celebrity?  He who has the praises of man or he who gives praises to God?

Who is the VIP is God’s eyes?  The person who acknowledges their sin, accepts Christ as their Savior and gives their praises to God, or the person who is living a carnal life and receiving the praises of man?  I believe that the answer to that question is, “He who gives their praises to God.”


Encouraging you today

to give your praises to God

and become a

“Very Important Person!”