Purpose & Committee Members

                       Coatesville Area High School

                                                                        Sports Hall of Fame


Since there has been a rich athletic program in Coatesville High

School for many years, and no public recognition has ever

been made for outstanding achievement in participating,

coaching, or supporting sports, it is fitting to reward these

achievements by honoring those individuals as members of the

Coatesville Area Senior High School Sports Hall of Fame.


                                     President — Scott Kershey


Vice President — Jeff Chalfant

Recording Secretary — Terri Johnson Lynch

Treasurer — Gary Gill

                    Committee Members


Horace Bonsall

Scott Kershey

Gene Burnite

Pat Langan

Jeff Chalfant

Dave Lapp

Marty Connor

Mike Logue

Bob Coulter

Terri Johnson-Lynch

Greg DePedro

Ruth Martin

Rob Fisher

Nakeya Moore

Marty Flynn

Ernie Perella

Paul Garver

Joy Renfrew

Gary Gill

Bill Richards

Doug Heydt

Dave Rode

Jeanne Jarmoska

Carl Smith

Jane Johnson

Bill Sweigart

Dan Jones

Pam Walsh

Ross Kershey