The following is a letter from a "Measure J Advisory Committee" member to the HMBCC.

Hello [HMBCC member],


I attended the Measure J Citizens’ Oversight Committee meeting on Monday August , and am writing to you to formally convey my thoughts to you.

  • First off, there is NO oversight – the role of our committee appears to be one of reviewing essentially 20 odd numbers on a spreadsheet.
  • No proof of any sort was provided about the revenues earned, whether the money was actually spent and what it was spent on. No invoices, no payment vouchers, NOTHING.
  • The City Council decides what to spend the money on, the Committee does not
  • The funds allocated for various projects can and are changed at will by the City Council, with no oversight by anyone
  • The HMB Library was allocated over $1 million in Measure J funds, and it is not clear why
  • Some projects were defunded, and again, nothing was provided to us, telling us why
  • I am not aware of any approval process for this
  • We are presented an expenditure report, which shows amounts allocated to various projects and amount spent on them – no back up invoices, receipts or anything to prove the numbers
  • We cannot confirm or deny the authenticity or validity of ANY amounts spent
  • There was no vote taken at the meeting, no minutes written or any official proof that the Committee met and accepted the expenditures as valid; in other words “Overview” is just another word...

I realize these are strong words, but it was very frustrating being at the meeting and not getting any answers at all. Both Alex Khojikian and Yulia Carter talked about providing documentation and proof of the revenue earned from the measure, of invoices and approvals for various projects, but so far I have not seen a thing.

Coastside AFOG,
Sep 19, 2015, 5:21 PM