The General Plan Update was kicked off by the hand selection of primary stakeholders by the former City Council.  This group was primarily developers or pro-development persons who then hired urban planning consultants Dyett-Bhatia.  This was followed by the creation of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), which was far more representative of the community.

From the beginning the GPAC had concerns about being heard by the consultants. Representing their constituents, the GPAC had issued comments and direction to the consultants who then returned with changes that did not reflect the GPAC's concerns. A new effort was made to reach out to neighborhoods, thanks to AFOG leadership. However, GPAC has not had a public meeting in the last several months to digest the information coming in from the neighborhoods.  The consultants are meanwhile continuing to work and costing the City and County $50,000+ per month.

It is the opinion of AFOG that both the GPAC and the Consultants need to be working together to incorporate the neighborhood opinions into the new concepts.