AFOG is a non-partisan, non-profit, watchdog organization whose mission is to monitor the actions of our elected public servants, their appointees and employees, to verify compliance with all laws, to ensure their transparency and accountability and to guarantee that all parties doing business with these entities receive equal treatment under the law.


We are all residents and volunteers on the Coastside who want our community to be a better, fairer place for all. We want our various governing Councils  and Boards to be more transparent, accountable, open and fair. We want these governing bodies to encourage citizen participation, utilize technology and innovation to fully inform the public and fully disclose all information on topics for their programs in a timely manner so that every resident and taxpayer knows where our community stands and where it is headed.


On the Coastside, we are governed by San Mateo County, the City of Half Moon Bay, Cabrillo Unified School District, Coastside Fire Protection District and other local agencies who are currently in the process of spending over $100 Million of taxpayer's money with little explanation or oversight. It is difficult as a citizen to develop insight into all these agency's project plans, budgets,  and priorities. Their websites and the local newspaper seem to obfuscate what they are doing and at what costs. If you want to stay informed, while working for a living, raising your children and keeping healthy, you find that you cannot attend all the meetings, read all the agendas and reports and watch all the videos to follow how your taxes and fees are being spent or see how things get prioritized.

AFOG's objective is to build a coastside service organization that will gather information and hold our governmental agencies accountable to provide this information to the public, listen to the public's concerns, and would assure that these agencies follow the laws relating to public participation, open government, and environmental protection.

Coastside AFOG,
Sep 19, 2015, 5:11 PM