Coast Satins

We are Coast Satins, formerly of Lincoln City, Oregon. Central Oregon Coast now relocated to Southern Oregon. We have been raising pedigreed Satins for 8 years now. Totalling about 32 years of raising and showing rabbits. Currently and for the last 8 years have been exclusive in the standard Satins. Win Win Wins in BOB & BOS Reserve in shows BUT not one Best of Show yet ! We strive to get every rabbit to be registered grand champion if we are going to use it for breeding.

Azul~junior doe
BOSB out of 82 Satins 10/16/2010 Albany, OR
BOV & BOSV Next two shows. 10/16/2010 Albany, OR
Joy~Senior buck retired from showing
13 legs Registered Grand Champion and main herd buck
Cherish~Senior doe
Registered Grand Champion with 9 legs
Blush~Senior Doe
8 Legs, Registered Grand Champion
Girly~junior doe
Not been shown yet
Mo~Senior doe
3 Legs, Registered Grand Champion
Mike~junior buck SOLD
BOV at Albany 2010
Archy~junior buck
Mona~Senior doe
Best of Show, 3 legs, Registered Grand Champion
Starz~senior doe
2 legs
Steel~junior buck
BOB of 86 Satins, Albany, OR 10/16/2010
YB6~senior doe
2 legs BOB twice at Redmond OR show 2010
Zeus~junior doe
not shown yet

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