2011 Benitoite Field Trip

 Registration!  We are so happy that you came!
Dave Schreiner giving an initial presentation on how to sift for benitoite and what to look for.
  Fun for the whole family!  Participants are waiting for the start signal.  4 generations of rockhounders
Close up of one of the rock piles.  These are tailings from the mine that Dave transports down so that we can have the opportunity of looking for benitoite

The Maylins showing how to scrub the clay off of potential specimens
Screening for gems.

John Reiping of the Coalinga Recorder screening for gems.


This nice specimen has a blue benitoite crystal on the right hand side.

 Dave and John-Luke emptying out rinse buckets that accumulate all the muck washed off the rock.

 This rock shows the white naturlite that is home to benitoite and the black crystals that you see here known as neptunite.

 Left is David, Gilbert and John-Luke Schreiner, owners of the California State Gem mine and the Road Camp.  Many thanks to them for allowing the Coalinga Rockhounds Club to use their facilities and for sponsoring the annual field trip.