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News Coverage-Campus/Local

  1. Lauren Kastner: Article with the Bloomington Alternative--
  2. Indiana Daily Student, Opinion, October 15, 2010, "Guest columnist: IU's coal plant and the black plague," Emily Jackson
  3. Indiana Daily Student, article, February 23, 2010, “Hip-hop DJ Biz Markie pushes for clean energy,” Mickey Woods
  4. Indiana Daily Student, article, February 22, 2010, “Coal Free IU wins 2nd place in IUSA case competition,” Claire Wiseman
  5. Indiana Daily Student, article, February 10, 2010, “Obama should refocus on cap and trade,” Nathan Dixon
  6. Indiana Daily Student, op-ed, January 26, 2010, “Jordan River Forum: You’re Right,” Lauren Kastner
  7. The Herald Times, letter, November 21, 2008, “Coal,” Lee Grace
  8. Indiana Daily News, letter, November 18, 2009, “This is where I come from,” Maurice Manning
  9. The Herald Times, article, November 15, 2009, “IU prof knows impact of coal mining,” Mike Leonard
  10. Indiana Daily Student, article, November 11, 2009, “Art exhibit collects support for Coal Free IU,” Hana Horton
  11. Indiana Daily Student, online article, November 11, 2009, “Coal Free IU previews documentary on affects on towns,” Almondia White
  12. Indiana Daily Student, article, November 10, 2009, “Coal Free IU to screen ‘Coal Country’,” Victoria Summers
  13. Indiana Daily Student, online article, November 6, 2009, “Coal Free IU Campaign discusses getting rid of coal on campus,” Carson Gerber
  14. Indiana Daily Student, front page article, November 5, 2009, “Coal Free IU to raise renewable energy awareness,” Victoria Summers
  15. Indiana Daily Student, political cartoon, November 4, 2009, “For the Glory of Old IU,” Lauren Kastner
  16. Indiana Daily Student, op-ed column, November 4, 2009, “No more coal,” Lauren Kastner
  17. Indiana Daily Student, letters to the editor, November 4, 2009, “Letters on behalf of Sierra Club Coal-Free IU,” Kara Fitzpatrick, Nick McKay, and Hannah Hunt
  18. The Herald Times, letter to the editor, November 4, 2009, “Coal is Dirty,” Desiree Branaman
  19. Indiana Daily Student, article, November 3, 2009, “Dean of students mingles at open house,” Vanessa Valentin
  20. The Herald Times, letter to the editor, November 2, 2009, “Indiana University encouraged to address coal-burning policy,” Michael Beczkiewicz of SIREN
  21. The Herald Times, letter to the editor, November 1, 2009, “Letter: IU coal plant,” Novella Shuck
  22. Indiana Daily Student, letter to the editor, October 28, 2009, “Students can make the clean coal difference,” Hannah Hunt
  23. Indiana Daily Student, multimedia, October 28, 2009, “Coal Free Campus Campaign’s Green Potluck and Pumpkin Carving,” Thomas Miller
  24. Indiana Daily Student, photo, October 28, 2009, No Coal, Thomas Miller
  25. Indiana Daily Student, article, October 22, 2009, “Bloomington 350 to fight for climate change” Stephanie Kuschel
  26. Indiana Daily Student, full page ad, October 19, 2009
  27. Indiana Daily Student, staff editorial, October 15, 2009, “Sustainability should be a priority,” IDS staff
  28. Indy Free Press, Muncie Free Press and Anderson Free Press, article, October 11, 2009, Students action plan at Power Shift Indiana
  29. Bloomington Alternative, article, October 4, 2009, “Campaigning for a coal-free IU campus” Linda Greene
  30. Indiana Daily Student, Photo, September 30, 2009, National Day of Action Photo, Joe Orthwein
  31. Indiana Daily Student, article, Sept 24, 2009, “Sierra Club’s goal is no coal” Marc Fishman
  32. WFHB, radio, September 24, 2009, “EcoReport September 24, 2009
  33. Herald Times, article, September 17, 2009, “Sierra Club targets IU’s steam plant”, Mike Leonard (also printed at Times-Mail News)
  34. WFIU, radio, Sep 17, 2009, “Coal’s Dominant Presence at IU Draws Ire of Student Group” Emily Loftis (also printed at Newsvine)
  35. WFHB, radio, Sept 17, 2009, “Daily Local News: Feature
  36. WFHB, radio, Sept 15, 2009, “Daily Local News: Brief
  37. Indiana Daily Student, Reports, Sept 15, 2009, “Students to demonstrate at campus coal plant

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