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Coal-Free IU

Welcome to the Indiana University chapter of the Coal-Free Campus Campaign!  We are here to help transition IU away from coal to 100% clean and renewable energy. On this site you will find updates about the campaign, media hits, and ways to get involved. 

Join the movement to move beyond coal!

IU Trustees approve energy master plan, students react

posted Dec 7, 2012, 1:34 PM by Coalfree IU

For Immediate Release:  December 7, 2012


Contact:  Lauren Kastner, Coal Free IU, (812) 344-8823

Alexis Boxer, Sierra Club, (203) 885-3629 (cell)

IU Trustees approve energy master plan, students react

Students win major victory with university commitment to phase out coal

BLOOMINGTON, IN – Indiana University-Bloomington will be phasing out the use of coal on campus thanks to the efforts of the students of Coal Free IU and the Campuses Beyond Coal campaign. The Indiana University Board of Trustees met in Kokomo today to approve the final draft of the Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP). The Trustees voted to approve the IEMP that will come into force immediately as part of the IU Campus Master Plan. Several amendments to the IEMP were made after students of Coal Free IU made a formal request for three provisions: A commitment to stop burning coal, a plan for clean energy, and accountability within the plan. 

This means that the university has made a commitment to phase out coal, allow the existing coal boilers at the Central Heating Plant to expire within the next few years, implement campus-wide efficiency upgrades, review clean energy options annually, and to set a timeline to meet these goals.

This decision came after students from Coal Free IU coordinated a national call-in day to the offices of the Trustees and the President, having allies from across the country ask IU to commit to a clean energy future. It was reported that IU alumni as far away as Kenya and Scotland called to advocate for clean energy. Despite the meeting being held during IU’s final exam week, Coal Free IU members attended the meeting to hand-deliver letters to the board calling on them for action.

“We have driven hundreds of calls from students, faculty, alumni, community members and allies to the administration over the last two days to show that all eyes are on IU as it made this decision,” Coal Free IU President Michael Caldie said. “After four years of students demanding that IU stop burning coal and invest in a clean energy future, administrators finally listened.”

When the IEMP came up for discussion, the Trustees and Vice President of Capital Projects and Facilities Tom Morrison recognized the critical role that students from Coal Free IU played in this decision.

Trustee Patrick Shoulders defended Coal Free IU and thanked them for challenging IU on this issue. Shoulders also acknowledged that the Board should weigh other things besides cost such as the environment and public health when talking about coal and energy issues.

“For us it was the war in Vietnam,” Shoulders said. “For this generation it is a fight for their future and their children's future; a fight for clean air and clean water. What they are asking for is not unreasonable. In fact, we are doing it.”

VP Tom Morrison added that all input from the public regarding the IEMP was unanimously in support of clean energy at IU.

“I've been meeting with CFIU for as long as I've had this job and they have been working with us all this time to see this through,” Morrison said.

Since 2009, twenty colleges and universities across the country have committed to stop burning coal as a result of the Sierra Student Coalition and Sierra Club’s Campuses Beyond Coal campaign. IU is one of the last colleges to operate a campus coal plant.

Graduating Senior and Coal Free IU Vice President Lauren Kastner added that although this is a clear victory, the work is never done. Students will be staying active to make sure that the university is held accountable to their commitment and to push for IU to make even more progress in clean energy initiatives and carbon neutrality.

"It was important to me to make my university reflect the values of my generation and our changing society. This decision from the Trustees is something I can brag about as a soon to be IU alumna,” Kastner said. "IU can finally be taken seriously as a clean energy leader and a socially and environmentally responsible institution.”


Newsletter: Monday Oct. 17

posted Oct 17, 2011, 11:02 AM by Coalfree IU

Hello, everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start! Here are the upcoming events Coal Free IU has planned for this week, as well as a look at some future events.


Coal Free IU Upcoming Events


Monday, October 17th

7:15-8:45pm - Weekly Coal Free IU Meeting, Ballantine Hall Room 146. We’ll be going over our end-of-October event, logistics for activist Larry Gibson’s visit in November, and the past week’s news and developments, among other thing.


Tuesday, October 18th

7:15- 8:30pm - Midwest Powershift Logistics Meeting! Ballantine Hall Room 336. This is mandatory for everyone attending Powershift with our group, so PLEASE try to make it. We will be splitting up rides, talking about packing lists and how funds for travel will be distributed, and more! If you cannot attend the meeting please email coalfreeiu@gmail.com and try to attend Monday's regular meeting. 


Friday, October 21st – Sunday, October 23rd

Midwest Powershift! The conference will focus on energy issues, sustainability, and challenges we are facing in the Midwest. After we return we would love to share trainings, experiences, and information learned at the conference with anyone who is interested so please contact us!


Midwest Powershift Fundraising Update!

IU Powershift Coalition currently has over 23 students registered to attend Midwest Powershift this weekend! We have been working on collecting donations from community, businesses, and through creative funding efforts to support the cost of student’s registration, travel, and housing expenses! We would like to thank the Indiana University Student Association for granting funding to Coal Free IU to support students attending the conference. We are so grateful for the encouragement and continued support of this amazing community!


If you happen to be downtown and looking for lunch it would be wonderful if you could please mention “Midwest Powershift” when picking up a sandwich from Bloomington Sandwich Company, 20% of the sale will go to support students attending the conference!


Also, if you happen to be enjoying delicious food at Roots on the Square and are looking for a place to dump some spare change feel free to drop some cents in the change jar to support students trying to make a change by attending Midwest Powershift!


Coming Soon!

Tombstone Art Installation and Zombie Walk- Week of October 31st

Movie Showing: On Coal River – November 9th

Keeper of the Mountains Larry Gibson- November 16th

Also, remember the IU Energy Challenge is ongoing until November 5th!



“Let’s Clear the Air” Recap of 100 Actions:

Last week we hosting our 100 Actions in October Day of Activities which centered around our campaign theme “Let’s Clear the Air” beginning with Monday’s Giant Inhaler event which demonstrated the correlation between coal and lung and respiratory health, and ending the evening with The Beehive Collective presentation on the True Cost of Coal. We collected 189 petitions in support of clean air, over 60 samples of hair for mercury testing, and met amazing people who had incredible stories to tell.


Check out these articles from Coal Free IU’s Lauren Kastner, and coverage in the IDS:


Giant Inhaler Demonstrates Coal is Making Kids Sick at Indiana University

CoalFree IU Launches “100 Actions” Event

Students raise concerns about IU heating plant

Activism through art encouraged by Coal-Free IU

Collective delivers coal-free message with mural


Hope to see you all at our meeting tonight!
Novella Shuck
Coal Free IU

Updates for Fall 2011

posted Oct 17, 2011, 7:36 AM by Coalfree IU

Regular Meeting Time! 
Ballantine Hall Room 146 

Midwest Powershift Oct. 21-23

Blog Post's on our Oct 100 Actions Event:

See coverage of our fall campaign in the IDS! 
"Committee Fights to Change Free Speech Policies for Students at IU" http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=82804

"Students Raise Concern about IU Heating Plant" http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=83389

"Activism through art encouraged by Coal Free IU" coverage of the Beehive Collective Presentation on the True Cost of Coal (link: http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=83334

Midwestern Universities taking coal plants offline!

posted Mar 30, 2011, 9:55 AM by Coalfree IU

Ohio University just announced its plans to go coal free by 2016. Will IU do the same? We need energy security, which means clean energy, green jobs, and universities like IU to lead the way.

More news on OU to come. Stay tuned.


Indy airport's planned solar farm would be the largest in the state

posted Feb 19, 2011, 9:57 AM by Coalfree IU   [ updated Feb 19, 2011, 9:59 AM ]


It would generate 10 megawatts of electricity an hour -- enough to power up to 6,000 homes -- and that electricity would be sold to Indianapolis Power & Light. The airport would make money by leasing the property to a company that would build and operate the array of thousands of solar panels.

"Solar power isn't just a hippie dream anymore," said Travis Murphy, who worked in the state's renewable energy agency and now sells solar systems for Johnson Melloh Solutions. "Solar energy is not just something that environmentalists will do anymore, but it has become an opportunity for businesses and homes."

Power Shift 2011 Interest Meeting

posted Feb 18, 2011, 2:00 PM by Coalfree IU

Power Shift 2011 is a massive conference of the youth environmental movement every few years in Washington, DC. At the last Power Shift over 10,000 youth converged to learn, take action, and most of all have fun in our nation's capitol and gear up to lead the nation toward a clean energy economy! 

LEARN MORE at the interest meeting THIS TUESDAY and join the IU caravan going to Power Shift in April! 

It is immensely crucial that the Midwest has a huge showing to Power Shift this year so we can prove our dedication to the climate change movement and work to enact policy that reflects that. This year's Power Shift is Friday, April 15-Monday, April 18 and we will coordinate transportation and housing accommodations as a group. 

REGISTER HERE: http://powershift2011.org/

Plain and simple: Power Shift 2011 is a mission to recruit 10,000 youth leaders from every walk of life to be on the front lines in the fight for a clean energy future. 

Each participant will head to Power Shift not only as an individual committed to seeing political change, but as an activist and leader eager to build the specific skill set required to return and lead their community towards tangible and visible change over the course of the next two years


Coal's hidden costs top $345 billion in U.S.-study

posted Feb 16, 2011, 2:02 PM by Coalfree IU


posted Feb 16, 2011, 2:00 PM by Coalfree IU

I just called Rep. Todd Young and Rep. Mike Pence and urged them to VOTE NO ON AMENDMENTS 10 AND 217 in the House budget, which threaten the regulation of coal ash as a hazardous material. We fought hard at the EPA hearings last Fall to get coal ash regulated to protect our health and these amendments will undo all of our hard work. CALL NOW! Find your representative's number at: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

TONIGHT: Weekly meeting 7pm

posted Feb 15, 2011, 6:49 AM by Coalfree IU

Hey Folks,

Don't forget about our weekly meeting tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 7pm in the Bryan Room of the IMUThe Bryan Room is on the 8th floor of the Student Activities Tower. FYI the elevator only goes up to the 7th floor so if you get confused, there are stairs up to the 8th. 

At tonight's meeting we will hear from our VP and Director of Research, Nick McKay, and explore the science behind coal and alternative energy and weigh the pros and cons of each. This meeting is important to get a basic understanding of our cause and the issues behind it!

We will also discuss registering for Power Shift 2011 and other goals this semester!

See you tonight!

Our buddy, Wendell Berry, raising hell in Kentucky!

posted Feb 15, 2011, 6:44 AM by Coalfree IU

"Actions spoke louder than words in the capitol of the Bluegrass State this morning as 20 Kentucky writers, grassroots activists and coalfield residents staged a sit-in at Ky. Gov. Steve Beshear’s office. The group of local residents, grassroots activists and noted writers demanded an end to mountaintop removal and protection for their land, water and health. Kentucky residents have long lobbied their state government to act in their best interests, yet been consistently ignored by an administration in the pocket of King Coal."

Read more at this link!

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