Lauren Kastner,

Vice President:

Hannah Hunt,

Nick McKay,


Building coalitions around the issues we work on builds our power as an organization and as a campaign. Coalition work is critical to demonstrate that our issues affect and concern a broad range of people and a variety of topics, including the environment, public health, and creation of green jobs. Other organizations help us build momentum because they bring to the table their name, reputation, resources, and members. The more organizations we work with, the more people we are involving through our campaigns, and the more that the IU administration will listen to us. We will approach a wide range of groups—student organizations, community groups, alumni, faculty and staff—and ask them for their support and to get involved in the campaign!

We currently have two coalitions committees:

Groups Coalitions

Responsible for working with student groups on campus and community groups in Bloomington to form a broad coalition of groups against coal.

Faculty and Staff Coalitions

Responsible for getting  faculty and staff of IU Bloomington to sign on to the Coal Free IU Campaign.

Academic Events


Events, while fun and entertaining, are another critical component of the Coal Free IU Campaign. By having various events throughout the semester we continue to engage and educate the campus and Bloomington community and have a good time while doing it! We will be holding several movie screenings, panel discussions and other education events to educate the campus about the impact of coal on our environmental and public health.

Coordinator: Novella Shuck,



Generating grassroots support for the Coal Free Campus Campaign is the single best tool we have to influence the IU administration. By generating postcards, photo petitions, phone calls, letters and other types of grassroots support, we call on IU to move beyond coal!

Creative Grassroots:

The creative grassroots group are the attention getters! Through art installations, improv theater, concerts, potlucks, rallies, and any crazy out-there display, the creative grassroots help gather petitions and initiate awareness through events. Join creative grassroots if you are the creative, artsy type–or even if you aren’t–and help the campaign grab attention in interesting ways.

Coordinator: Matt Panfil,

Coordinator: Amber Wolverton,



Media work is a critical component of the Coal Free IU Campaign. By getting into the media, we educate the public about the impact of coal-fired plants on the environment and public health, as well as the clean, renewable energy resources available to us here in Bloomington.

Coordinator: Emily Jackson



Coal Free IU is an incredibly fast-paced campaign and it is sometimes hard to keep up with the most recent issues in clean energy and climate change. The research team is responsible for gathering news articles, public documents, data, and reports on the latest in coal and clean technology. Researchers will gather that information and then share it with other members of the campaign so everyone knows what is happening on a local, state, national, and international level with clean energy.

Coordinator: Nick McKay,