Welcome to Miss Coakley's collection of teacher and student resources for the Digital Age!

My website offers educational resources to help students and educators bridge the gap between Web 1.0 to Web 3.0. These educational resources come in a variety of platforms including websites, apps, online programs, and videos, among others. Resources can also be used in classrooms across grade levels and content areas. If you are searching for quality, Internet-based resources to integrate into your classroom, you have come to the right place!

This site meets the following ISTE NETS Standards:
  • NETs*C Element 3.1
  • NETs*C Element 3.2
  • NETs*C Element 3.3
  • NETs*C Element 3.4
  • NETs*C Element 3.5
  • NETs*C Element 3.6
  • NETs*C Element 3.7
To learn more about these standards, please visit these sites:
Teacher and Student Standards
The ISTE and the Common Core
ISTE Seal of Alignment