National Committee for Communications and Public Relations (NCCPR)

Committee Goals

  1. Network individuals that have similar interests and passions 
  2. Provide support to COA stakeholders
    1. identify best practices
    2. create a collaborative environment to operationalize ideas 
  3. Provide situation awareness to the Board of Directors
  4. Develop leadership attributes and competencies for members 
  5. Recognize the behaviors and accomplishments

  • Office of the Surgeon General (OSG)
  • Chief Professional Officers - (offline)
  • Categories - (offline)
  • OSG Advisory Groups - (offline)
  • OSG Charter Groups - (offline)
  • Deployment Teams

Committee Objectives - Projects (*)

Point of Contact List
Speakers Bureau - subject matter experts   

PHS Pride Merchandizing
Graphics / logos
Promotional Material for Recruitment

Event Support
OBC Pinning On and & Graduation
PH Caucus
Survey Monkey

Content Development
COA Webpage Content and User Experience
COA Frontline
Smart Briefs
Leadership Essay Awards
OSG Initiative support (Health 3.0)
Digital Archives (Photos - Journals)
COF Posters
COF Announcements

Guidance Development
Social Media Profile
Business Cards 
OA Branch Webpage Template
Ceremony Protocol 
COA Branch Email Distribution List 
How to clearance information into the Public Domain

* - the list above includes categories and potential projects.  For a list of active projects, please click on the tab for committee projects.

Committee Chair, 2016-2017

CAPT James Simpson, USPHS

CAPT James M. Simpson, USPHS

Next meeting is scheduled for

Thursday, June 15, 2017
3:00 - 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)

For details, please click on the tab for announcements.

Active Tasks for Chair

  1. Meeting minutes for previous meeting
  2. Agenda for next meeting
  3. Committee Roster
  4. Call for Project Charters and Progress Report
  5. Call for biosketches of members

Past Meeting Minutes