What do students and teachers need to know?

The students and teachers in your school will have the option of creating a Google account and will be able to use Gmail and the other Google Apps as a means of communication once their account has been created. Please follow the instructions provided to get started with using your new account.

Get started 

Getting into Google:

Students and teachers will need to use the following steps in specific order.

1.  Change network password (primary account) (minimum 8 characters)                          Change password directly from Windows or Self-Serve Password Tool

*When you access the Tool you will be prompted to update your profile.  It is recommended that you take a few minutes to do this.

*Google has their own password requirements you should consider when choosing a new password

2.  Navigate to Google

a. In Username field, enter email address (same as HORDE / Student Mail / Teacher Outlook) but replace or with

ie: would be

b. Use the same password as “Step 1”



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