In Memory of Big Denny


Big Denny was Born August 15 1948. He passed away June 24 2013.

He passed away in a nursing home. He had Brain Cancer.
He was given morphine to ease the pain.  He could not have his last wish
which was to ease his pain and anxiety naturally. He wanted to treat his
pain with marijuana. He could not however because it is illegal in the state of Indiana.
He refused food, He said it did not taste good. Medicinal Marijuana has been proven
 to increase the appetite in the terminally ill.
Cannabis oil has also been proven to shrink tumors. On a national level a person can still risk being detained,
even if marijuana is legal in their state. Please sign the petition to decriminalize marijuana for
the terminally ill. A person faced with a terminal disease should not risk detainment for naturally
treating their pain, loss of appetite and anxiety with a naturally occurring plant. The seeds of marijuana
are grown much the way a vegetable seed is grown.
 Marijuana is a plant very different from the pharmaceuticals given
to treat cancer patients. Please help ensure no person with a terminal illness faces prosecution
if they choose to treat their illness naturally instead of the conventional way.