This seems so long ago......However, in December of 2014 I was Diagnosed with COPD
and ordered to be on Oxygen 24/7.  Due to my Health Issues I can't stand for more
than about 10 minutes at a time. Breathing Issues and Circulation issues now pretty much
rule my life and control my lifestyle. 
It's 2015 now, I so wish that things were indeed Better. If Marijuana were Legalized in Texas
I could Treat this Illness Successfully.  Sadly, that hasn't come to pass this year. 
I'm hoping soon that we can manage to Get back out there and Educate Our Community.
Until then, I'm proud to be a "Keyboard Warrior".
What are YOU doing to Support This Cause in Your Community? 

Activist Update:  5/19/2016

In early 2015, I was on the Cannabis Oil for a little over 2 weeks and the whole time I felt totally normal. 
I didn't have to wear my Oxygen AT ALL, took NO Pharmaceuticals or Inhalers or Breathing Treatments!
 I Had Energy like you wouldn't believe. I thought much Clearer, got a Lot more accomplished 
and I was totally Happy! But No Thanks to Our State Laws telling us 
that they will Lock Us Up and Call Us FELONS, I had to quit, get rid of Everything that could be Anything
 when it came down to it. People say, well just do it and don't tell anyone about it.... 
Well, folks, it's Not that Easy! First of ALL, if Our Law Officials decided to Show their Heads,
 we could Loose Everything and I do mean Everything! Our Job, Our Place to Live, 
it would compromise the Business as well and I'M NOT ABOUT to do Any Of it! So,
 Because of Our State Laws I am Confined to being Hooked to a Hose 24/7 Just to Breath, 
Bound to ingesting Pharmaceutical Poisons that make me Sick and God Only knows what they are doing
 to my Internal Organs, I already Know that they cloud my Mind and cause my
 Body to be dependent on them for Pain Relief and Every Breath that I take.
 I'm Trapped, Totally, No Way Out! Thanks to Our State Law, I Can't Function in Texas, 
My Home State, My Place of Employment. I Choose to Stay and FIGHT!
 I Will Fight for Legalization In This State for Myself and Every Single Person that Needs it 
Until I draw my Last Breath! Call Me Whatever you Want, But I Will NOT Give UP! Life is TOO Important!

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