Coming Soon,  We will be doing "Banner Drops",
that is Bringing Your Own Homemade Posters & Artwork
to a meeting time and location (high traffic times are best) to gather
and Hold Up Your Posters where Passing Traffic Can See
that We are  Standing Up for Legalization of Cannabis & Hemp!
We will Have Flyers & Business Cards
to Hand out to our Community to Educate them!
We Will be Respectful to the Public Around Us,
This is a Peaceful Assembly!
Absolutely No Lighting Up!
       You will be Responsible for Anything on Your Own Person.
 So, that being said, If You would like to join us in the coming  months
or be a Supporter for Legalization in Texas, Please Contact Us.
Join Our Facebook Page and Twitter, Share everything that You find Interesting
and Help Us to Educate our Community to Know The Benefits of Marijuana
and It's Life Saving Abilities!