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 Doing a little Maintenance on our site!  June 27, 2018
Working on some great updates, so check back with us later this weekend for New and Updated Information and Sites. 
As Always, Don't be Afraid to Talk to Someone About a Plant! 
 Nobody Belongs in Jail for treating their illness with a Simple Plant that Should be Legal to Grow in Our Own Garden
And the Fact that in 8 States You can Legally Grow Or Go To a Store (Dispensary) and Purchase exactly what you need or desire.
The Bible DOES Speak Of these Verses. 

                         I had COPD, but with Full Plant Cannabis Oil 
in Capsules, One twice a day, I was able to not only
get off my Oxygen hose, but completely give up all
my Prescriptions.
Today, I only do natural treatments and herbal supplements.

Let me ask You about Your Pharmaceuticals,
Do You Really know how dangerous they may be?
Click on the Photo and Check Your Medications here! 
Real All about the Side Effects and Black Box Warnings! 
This is just One reason I am so passionate about
Medical Cannabis. It's Safer than ANY Pharmaceutical
and It Treats 700 Illnesses! 
Click on the Photo Below for 
a List of Medicinal Uses. 
                                                                                                                      Click on the Photo to see our Story in High Times



2017, Texas House of Representatives Adjourn for Session,

HB 2107 for an Expanded Medical Cannabis Bill and 
HB 81 for Decriminalization, both bills died on the House Floor.  
29+ States Recognize this Plant as Medicine, 
Why is it so difficult for the remaining 21 States to see the facts as well? 
NO ONE Should have to Move Across State Lines just to be able
to Safely Access a Medicine! 
It has been Proven to be 100% Safe & NonToxic
It has also been Shown to be Effective in Treating Illnesses such as
 PTSD, Chronic Pain,  Anxiety, Alzheimer's, Seizure Disorders,
Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Brain Injuries, Spinal Injuries
and has been Proven to Cure Many Cancers.

It's All Very Simple, When You Know!
    Did You know that Everyone is Born with an Endocannabinoid System?
The Cannabinoids in the Cannabis (Marijuana) Plant
 attach to our Cannabinoid Receptors
and Balance out Our Bodies for Healing.
Nature,  It Does Wonderful Things for Our Bodies!
Let Us Not Forget that it's Not Just the Cannabis Plant that is Beneficial to Our Health and Healing.
There are Many Other Plants that Also Have Medicinal Properties that we can Use.
 It's a Shame that we have to Fight so hard
to have Access to the One that Does
 the Most Good for the Most People, but that is Our World and Why we Fight!
Click on the Photo Below and Check it out!
~~Just look up Your Symptoms and it will tell you what Natural Treatment is good for you.~
PLEASE, before doing natural treatments, always check with your pharmacist to 
make sure there is no adverse reaction possible. Nature is Always Best,
but you want to be safe in making the transition to Good Health!


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