Offensive Principles

Penetration – The first choice of the player with the ball is to penetrate the opponents defense. Depending where the player is on the field he can look to shoot, pass to a teammate that has penetrated the defense or simply dribble for
The coach should realize that decisions to shoot or pass are made in split seconds, as are the decisions to stay put or make a run. Miscues will be common in the early stages, and it is easy for the coach and players to become frustrated or to conclude that this stuff doesn't work. This is a time when the coach must to praise the idea, even where the execution leaves something to be desired. With practice, the players will grasp these concepts, and start to make impressive scoring runs of which everyone will be proud.
penetration or to space.
Depth (support) – When we refer to depth in attack we are talking about support play. Good depth provides the player on the ball with all around support so that there are options to play the ball forward, square or back. The more options a player has, the less likely they will lose the ball. Good support play is achieved when there are good angles of support, proper distance of support and speed of support. The shape most often seen in good support play is a triangle. Player who stand or run to create straight lines are destroying support and risk losing possession of the ball by eliminating options for the player with the ball.
Mobility – Movement is necessary in the game so that players can create space for themselves or for their teammates. Good mobility involves moving in support of the ball as well as “playing without the ball.” Players without the ball need to “unbalance” the opponent’s defense by running into positions that will create scoring opportunities or create space for the teammates near the ball (the work of the unbalancing attackers).
Width – When a team is in possession of the ball it has to use all the area available in which to play. Successful teams use all the width of the field and as much of the length as the offside rule will allow. The more space they have in which to play in, the greater the time and space each player in possession will have. Using the full width of the field creates problems for the defense to provide good cover and concentration.
Improvisation – There are many times when players have to use their own individual flair to create passing or shooting opportunities for themselves or teammates. Clever dribbling or inter-passing eliminates defenders and creates openings for attackers. Players who have the ability to turn quickly, evade a challenge easily, shoot off balance or even perform their own “tricks” to create opportunities are an asset of a team.