Breast Cancer Support

In 2010, it's expected that over 200,000 women and almost 2,000 men will acquire breast cancer.  
Susan G. Komen's For the Cure website reminds us that we can't change our risk of getting breast cancer due to heredity, gender and the process of aging.  However, leading a healthy lifestyle can certainly help reduce your risk of breast cancer, improve recovery and reduce risk of recurrence.  

Stanford's Cancer Center research is "discovering that intake of fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains may reduce the risk of developing some cancers in addition to reducing the risk of developing heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases."  Another important strategy is maintaining a healthy body weight.  From a behavioral perspective, this is great news -- giving us a set of tools to work with as we help to improve your quality of life through control of your health.  

Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that more than 50 percent of Americans do not engage in enough regular physical activity, over 66 percent of us are overweight and on a typical day more than half of Americans don't eat a single serving of vegetables and a third don't have a single serving of fruit.  Clearly there is an opportunity to impact behaviors and reduce risk for some cancers and lifestyle-related diseases.

A collaborative partner in your battle against cancer:

  • The Breast Cancer Support Health Coaching Program is designed to create a partnership by collaborating with clients who wish to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • The program is designed to help you stay connected with your well-being and guide you to make informed decisions about your health; ultimately empowering you to pursue more positive health goals.
  • Your health coach uses principles of Positive Psychology and the application of character strengths that encourage change, supports your best intentions and empowers you to utilize behavior change tools beyond the program. This is genuine support through finding what works for you.  

Meeting with your health coach:

  • Clients meet with Kalen face to face, or by telephone for 30 or 60 minute sessions.  
  • The coaching kicks off with a discussion around the client's stage of readiness to make a behavior change and levels of motivation and resistance around their goal(s) are discussed.  Your doctor's recommendations are critical and provide framework into this discussion.
  • Goals are then established and described in specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound terms.  A plan of action is devised.  
  • Subsequent sessions incorporate an evaluation of what things are going well, what things need adjustment and a solution-focused approach to help the client remain accountable and motivated.
  • Clients move forward at their own pace and generally progress most effectively from weekly meetings of 30 minutes, though it is at the client's discretion.  
  • Email and text message support is included in the program and suggested as a support and accountability bridge between sessions.
  • Regular progress reports are generated and suggested to be shared with the client's medical care team.
  • All conversations are considered confidential and this program is committed to protecting your privacy.  

The health coaching process:

The health coaching process centers around a conversation where the client is leveraged to be the expert in their desired health change--after all, who knows you better than you know yourself?  However, for those battling breast cancer, there is a framework added to the coaching process--the guidelines provided by your doctor to best position you to win the battle against cancer.  Your coach will be working to support you in achieving your doctor's recommendations in a way that empowers you and generates momentum towards independence and greater strength.  

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