Voicethread Lessons

What is Voicethread?

Take a look at this voicethread which explains the voicethread process at:

How is a voicethread created?

YouTube Video

How can you use Voicethreads in education?

Voicethreads can be used in many and varied learning environments and for a wide range of purposes. You can find out how Voicethreads can be used by visiting their library at: http://voicethread.com/library/

Voicethread Activity 1: Create a Voicethread account

Go to http://voicethread.com and select the Register an account link in top right hand corner.

When you've registered you will automatically be in the Voicethread page ready to Create or view your creations.

Voicethread Activity 2: Create your first voicethread

Step 1: decide on a theme for your voicethread
Step 2: gather some images to illustrate your story
Step 3: create a PowerPoint photo album containing 4-6 slides
Step 4: upload the ppt file to Voicethread
Step 5: add a title and subtitles for each slide if required
Step 6: add your comments in voice, text or uploaded audio file
Step 7: share your voicethread: email link or embed the code into a web page

Voicethread Activity 3: Commenting on voicethreads

After you have shared your voicethread by emailing or embedding, invite people to leave a comment in voice, text or uploaded audio file.

Make sure you also add some comments to other voicethreads and share your views on their images.

Voicethread Activity 4: Search for relevant voicethreads

Go to the Browse page for Voicethread and key in a search phrase to locate a voicethread on that topic.
e.g. movie making or flip cameras

Voicethread Activity 5: embed your voicethread

  • Go to the final slide of your voicethread which contains the links for sharing.
  • Click the embed icon and copy the code.
  • Go to a web page and embed your code into the HTML of that page
  • Save and display your voicethread.