Skype Lessons

Skype: what are the benefits?

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Find out everything you ever need to know about Skype!

Visit this article on the Teacherbootcamp Edublogs.

Skype tasks:

Locate and download the Skype Instructions at the bottom of this page.
  1. Download and setup Skype on your PC or Laptop or Mobile phone
  2. Add some contacts by searching for them in the Skype Add Contacts
  3. Arrange to have a conversation with a friend in Skype
  4. Take some notes in the text chat area whilst you speak
  5. Share a file with  your friend.
View this article from Sue Wyatt on Improving our Skype Calls.
  1. Arrange a group meeting/conference call in Skype
  2. Organise the agenda for the meeting and share the file
  3. Facilitate the group conversations
  4. Share your desktop to illustrate something in a website
  5. Record the meeting notes and send to the group.
View this video shared at the Langwitches Blog.
  1. Arrange a Skype session to teach your colleagues about it.
  2. View some of the projects listed at the Langwitches Blog
  3. Subscribe to or join  those that appeal to you.
Coach Carole,
Aug 29, 2010, 3:33 AM