Twitter Lessons

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging service that enables a user to send a message of less than 140 characters (a bit like SMS on steroids) to their Twitter network. Twitter messages are known as Tweets and can be viewed in your own Twitter account or in a Tweetdeck.

Why use Twitter?

Many people are now using Twitter to connect with a much larger network of people than they might otherwise for information and sharing of ideas. There is a great trend towards using Twitter whilst at a conference or NOT at a conference to gather the comments from the delegates. Such Tweets are usually preceded by a hashtag - an identifier that enables all tweets containing the hashtag to be grouped together. e.g. #LT2009 or #EDAYZ09 or #converge09 for three recent e-learning conferences.

Who Tweets?

A large number of educationalists in the world now switch on to Twitter to keep abreast of what's happening, who's doing what, and where to go for educational news as it happens. This type of social networking enables a 'viral' like spread of news, faster than ever, creating a 'learning community' of its own.

How to get a Twitter account?

This is the easy part. Go to the Twitter page and Sign Up Now.

Now take a look at Jenny Luca's wikispace for further advice.

How to follow others and to get followers?

This is a little more tricky. Use the Find People icon and type in their Twitter identity to locate them. Click on their Twitter page and click the Follow icon.

If you don't know their Twitter identity, you can Find on Other Networks or Invite by Email.

Twitter Activity 1:

Part A. Create your own Twitter account using your new Gmail account for verification.

Part B. Login to your Twitter space. Note: the url will be something like this:

The Twitter identity you used in creating your account will appear at the end of the url. Check your Gmail.

Twitter Activity 2:

Part A. Find me on the Find People icon and Follow me. My Twitter identity is @coach_carole.

Part B. Find other workshop participants to Follow and ask them to Follow you.

Twitter Activity 3:

Part A. Create some Tweets to let your groups know that you're now in the Twitterverse.

Part B. Send a Tweet to the #CoachCarole collections by prefacing your comment with the hashtag.

Twitter Activity 4:

Part A. Download the attached WhatIsTwitterLeaflet pdf document and find out how the School of Modern Languages in the UK is using Twitter.

Part B. Visit their Elanguages website for further information on their M3 project.

Twitter Activity 5:

Send a Tweet about your reaction to this Twitter mindmap to #australiaseries


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