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Edition 20: Green skilling with elearning

Recently I was asked by the KT team to provide some answers to critical questions about environmentally friendly elearning. You can hear my responses and those of others here.


Article: Relevant skills for e-learning

This article will encourage and empower you as 'champions'; read what Annie has to say about the organisational support required:

Recent Framework research explored the effective use of “champions” as a change strategy for embedding the use of technology in VET teaching and learning practices. It found that “management buy-in” was a significant factor for success. It was also shown that practitioners required management support at a strategic level, and a responsive IT department to encourage them to explore new technologies as part of their daily operations.

How would you recommend that your organisation explore new technologies as part of your daily operations?

Edition 19: Exposing e-learning skills sets

posted Oct 13, 2009, 3:20 AM by Coach Carole   [ updated Oct 13, 2009, 3:24 AM ]

Think piece: Defining the ‘e’ in e-learning

This article makes interesting reading. For me this paragraph really resonates:

The ‘e’ has evolved. At first, the ‘e’ stood for electronic delivery of content. Now ‘e’ refers to learning can be distributed to everyone, everywhere – with new degrees of engagement and efficiency – which copes with rapidly evolving content. We could add more ‘e’’s, but the point here is that e-learning is about a significant process change in how organizations are linking learners with content and expertise.

What do you think the 'e' now stands for in e-learning?

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