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Workshops and PD Courses for 2011

'Reflect and connect' - a totally online Moodle course for :
Reflect on and improve own professional practice - mapped to the
CHCORG428A module, which can be used as an elective for TAE.

Next course available from October 25 to December 5 2011.
Details here.

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This site has been created just in time for your Web 2.0 Social Networking Tools Training.

Other pages have been provided here for you to explore - just click on those from the navigation sidebar. In some you'll find useful resources attached - scroll to the bottom of the page to access them.

In each of the 'Lessons' you will find some information about the tools and some activities to help you practice how to use them. More of these will be added in 2011; access these from the navigation menu.

New in March: Eportfolios

If you'd like to schedule real time workshops on any of these 'lessons' please contact me.

coachcarole2012 (at) gmail.com