E-portfolio Lessons

What is reflective practice?

How do you reflect online? What process, what tools, what purpose? Take a look at this reflective practice mindmap for some ideas.

How do you organise your personal workbased documents? How do you share relevant evidence of competency with your RPL assessor? Doesn't it make sense to keep all your documents and data together in one place where you can find them? I used to store my documents, letters, certificates, stories, etc about my work history in folders on shelves in my office library - well actually they are still there - but now I have digitised most of these and added them to my eportfolio. This means I can access them from wherever I am and share with whomever I choose.

What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio is a learner-driven collection of digital artefacts articulating  experiences, achievements and evidence of learning. Want to know more? 

E-portfolios provide learners with a structured way of recording their learning experiences and work history.

E-portfolios can be developed quickly and easily to capture live evidence through the use of mobile phones and point-of-view devices, and can include a range of digital evidence such as audio, video, photographs and blogs.

Why use an e-portfolio?

The process of creating an e-portfolio can assist learners and employees to:
  • develop a holistic overview of your learning, experiences and development beyond individual classes
  • understand your learning and experience in terms of work-readiness
  • extract evidence to demonstrate your learning andachievements
  • identify skill gaps through review of and reflectionon your e-portfolio content
  • plan, set and review personal development targets.
Take a peak at the videos embedded below. 

Eportfolio Activity 1: 

Visit, explore and bookmark the national E-portfolio Resources website.

Eportfolio Activity 2:

Plan the content, view layouts and categories of artefacts for your new E-portfolio. Use the attached spreadsheet to list your artefacts.

Eportfolio Activity 3: 

Mahara Eportfolio: tool available at VETSA

Create an account for yourself in the Mahara E-portfolio tool from VETSA.
This is a free environment for you to practice your Mahara eportfolios.

Note: if you have access to another Mahara system, please use that one. Keep in mind that at the time of writing (April 2010) it is not yet possible to 'export' your eportfolio content out of a Mahara system.

Eportfolio Activity 4:

Access the Mahara instructions in the Mahara page. Useful documents are also attached at the bottom of that page - please print these to keep beside you as you complete Activity 5.

Eportfolio Activity 5:

Note: this activity should be conducted over a period of time to allow for the collection of meaningful artefacts and the development of understanding of how you can generate of your eportfolio.

Part A: 
Upload a selection of artefacts and store them in relevant folders.
Part B: Create your own blog entries to display with selected artefacts.
Part C: Create a 'view' for your eportfolio and share it with someone.

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