Elluminate Lessons


What is Elluminate Live?

This technology provides a virtual classroom or meeting room in which participants can hear and see each other; communicate in text and images; share a web tour together; and learn collaboratively online in real time. 

Want to see a virtual classroom in action? Take a look at this archived event - the recording of the session described below - Ringmaster tasks in a three ring circus. 

To view the recording, please click the link below:

Note: if you have not already downloaded the required software to play this recording please go to the Elluminate Live support page and follow the instructions.

Elluminate Activity 1:

Locate and download the following instructional documents for installing Elluminate Live on your computer, from the Elluminate website:
  • Recorded Training, Quick Reference Guides and User Guides for V9.5 and higher

Elluminate Activity 2:

Visit the Elluminate Live Support site and follow the instructions there for downloading the required Java script to activate your Elluminate classroom.

Elluminate Activity3:

Part A: Join the Elluminate supported Network at Learn Central and activate your new account by clicking the link sent to your email.

Part B: Open your new Elluminate V room and take a look around. You will be a moderator in here.

Elluminate Activity 4: 

Join Coach Carole in her Elluminate V Office and learn about the basics in using Elluminate as part of a range of elearning tools to engage with off-campus students.