epcop mooc #4

posted Sep 6, 2011, 5:55 PM by Coach Carole
Dear Diary,
I have not been a frequent reflector in here lately and need to make amends.

Weeks 3-6 in the MOOC have been sooooo busy that I have dropped behind in my reflections. I noted that this has been happening for many of our MOOCers as well. It gets increasingly difficult to maintain the momentum in this MOOC with so many other projects demanding of our time.

I have been delighted with the responses from our frequent posters in the Ning community, they are the one's keeping the momentum flowing. Great feedback on their work in choosing an e-portfolio approach and system; selecting their artefacts/assets for showcasing; learning about the art of reflective practice and now fine-tuning their e-portfolio ready for viewing.

Here's a few e-portfolio examples that have been shared to date:

Kelly Pickering -
Here is a link to the recent page added to my Foliospaces eportfolio (this course!): http://www.foliospaces.com/view/view.php?id=26654

Liz Grigg -
Here is an image of what my RPL page is like in Mahara is attached as a pdf.

Fiona Ross -
Mission accomplished for the MOOCman's eportfolio