epcop mooc #3

posted Aug 21, 2011, 9:10 PM by Coach Carole

Draft for epcopmooc blog this week

August 22

22 days since MOOC began

have you been in in the forums lately? Or a Google+ hangout? Or a Skype conversation.? These re alternative methods of touching base with MOOC ers

did you catch up with the webinars last week? Did you join in the search for Eportfolio moocman? Have you shared any evidence ith detective Ryan Peterovski yet?
did you decide on a an Eportfolio system or cloud yet? Did you grab your badge for week 3 ?

I think he registrations have leveled out to 350 and I am absolutely stoked about the accolades that stream into my gmail inbox from some of our more vocal participants
ver 63 participants chose to evaluate their skills in the survey, and about 35 have chosen to add their E-portfolio links and continue to reflect in various ways.

A great set of recommended criteria for selecting an E-portfolio tool or cloud were added to the forums and we are on ournway to a deeper understanding of the potential for E-portfolios

This week we move to exploration of how to plan and select artifacts - watch for further advice for PebblePad users and cloud based E-portfolios in the webinar on august 23 plus some excellent challenge webinars focused on mindmapping and slide sharing - great for hose engaging artifacts.