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epcop mooc #4

posted Sep 6, 2011, 5:55 PM by Coach Carole

Dear Diary,
I have not been a frequent reflector in here lately and need to make amends.

Weeks 3-6 in the MOOC have been sooooo busy that I have dropped behind in my reflections. I noted that this has been happening for many of our MOOCers as well. It gets increasingly difficult to maintain the momentum in this MOOC with so many other projects demanding of our time.

I have been delighted with the responses from our frequent posters in the Ning community, they are the one's keeping the momentum flowing. Great feedback on their work in choosing an e-portfolio approach and system; selecting their artefacts/assets for showcasing; learning about the art of reflective practice and now fine-tuning their e-portfolio ready for viewing.

Here's a few e-portfolio examples that have been shared to date:

Kelly Pickering -
Here is a link to the recent page added to my Foliospaces eportfolio (this course!):

Liz Grigg -
Here is an image of what my RPL page is like in Mahara is attached as a pdf.

Fiona Ross -
Mission accomplished for the MOOCman's eportfolio

epcop mooc #3

posted Aug 21, 2011, 9:10 PM by Coach Carole

Draft for epcopmooc blog this week

August 22

22 days since MOOC began

have you been in in the forums lately? Or a Google+ hangout? Or a Skype conversation.? These re alternative methods of touching base with MOOC ers

did you catch up with the webinars last week? Did you join in the search for Eportfolio moocman? Have you shared any evidence ith detective Ryan Peterovski yet?
did you decide on a an Eportfolio system or cloud yet? Did you grab your badge for week 3 ?

I think he registrations have leveled out to 350 and I am absolutely stoked about the accolades that stream into my gmail inbox from some of our more vocal participants
ver 63 participants chose to evaluate their skills in the survey, and about 35 have chosen to add their E-portfolio links and continue to reflect in various ways.

A great set of recommended criteria for selecting an E-portfolio tool or cloud were added to the forums and we are on ournway to a deeper understanding of the potential for E-portfolios

This week we move to exploration of how to plan and select artifacts - watch for further advice for PebblePad users and cloud based E-portfolios in the webinar on august 23 plus some excellent challenge webinars focused on mindmapping and slide sharing - great for hose engaging artifacts.

epcop mooc #2

posted Aug 11, 2011, 10:16 PM by Coach Carole   [ updated Aug 15, 2011, 11:43 PM ]

Discussions seemed to lessen in the forums earlier in the week - I suspect that there is a flurry of activity happening elsewhere. For example in the blogs of the moocers - as they begin to determine their purpose.
Now I can sense the growing need for a place to house their artefacts and reflections and many are beginning to favour one e-portfolio system or cloud to help them scope their next steps.
Most seem to be wanting their e-portfolios for either work related or lifelong pursuits and there has already been considerable conversation about the value of googlesites. I will need to generate some short tutorials in tildee or screenr for this group of enthusiasts, a job for the weekend.
Challenge webinars have attracted many participants and have provided an opportunity to see how certainl web 2.0 tools can be used effectively for e-portfolio enhancements. So far we've looked at googledocs, googleforms and googlesites - some further interest in a webinar on iGoogle for aggregating workflow.
Need to rethink the titles of each Tuesday Webinar as we get settled into a pattern and more guest presenters confirm their attendance. Its really great to get some commitment of time from people in the most popular systems: Mahara, PebblePad, FolioSpaces and Desire2Learn, as well as VUMI.

Must get the list of available Digication accounts organised and invite MOOCers to take up one of those. I will begin one at the weekend as an exemplar.

On the left you can see the beginnings of that one, I'm still getting used to a very different system with a different purpose.

New language to learn and new functions to master.

My purpose and audience in preparing this eportfolio is now clear in my mind and it really does help to know who your audience is when writing one's reflections.
Note: many of my viewers will be the MOOCers themselves and others who follow on later as the MOOC experience grows.

Today I delivered a presentation to Victoria University teachers at their conference day and provided a snapshot of the development of the MOOC. A few days later I received a Dymock's book voucher (a much appreciated gift) and this feedback:

Rated 4.6 out of 5 where 4 is very good and 5 is excellent!

Comments –  ‘opened up a whole new world’


posted Aug 10, 2011, 8:17 PM by Coach Carole   [ updated Aug 10, 2011, 8:37 PM ]

First week in the MOOC and we're absolutely enthused by the responses: the registrations and the community membership have grown rapidly in the week leading up to the launch. Several participants eagerly tapped into the Ning forums and blogs to introduce themselves, to ask questions and to share their hopes and fears. A few new groups were created and new members are happily drawing in like-minded people to share some specific conversations about their aspects of e-portfolios.

The introductory webinar was repeated for the benefit of new members and those in other time zones and two challenge webinars were put in place to help people in understanding the Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom we'll be using throughout the MOOC and to enthuse people about the use of Blogger for their external reflective blog. The Challenge Mentors, under the guidance of Junita Lyon, have gathered their tools and resources and begun preparing their tutorials for each webinar. Several of them have also shared useful instructional videos on how to do lots of things with web 2.0 tools to enhance their e-portfolios.

I was immensely proud of what we'd achieved and was even more impressed with the comments from the E-portfolio Reference Group when they said the MOOC had exceeded their expectations by a long shot. We worked hard as a team collaborating on everything and making sure that we were following in the spirit of MOOCs and also providing support in the spirit of good online facilitated learning. We believe that we needed to have consistent and frequent online presence and we certainly showed that well in this week.

First thing I had to do in order to manage the plethora of email notifications coming from the Ning was to use a 'filtering tool' in my gmail. This has worked really well and enables me to separate them from the general emails that come in and I can address the needs of the MOOCers at specific times of the day to suit me.

Pleased to see many of our resources, links and graphics being used in blogs as participants begin to reflect on their own experiences. We agreed as a team that we needed many hands to both respond in the Ning and to comment on their blogs - thank goodness we had a team of volunteers ready and willing.

We prepared our epcop mooc blog entry collaboratively once more to reflect on the week and to acknowledge the feedback from the MOOCers at:

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