April - the idea for a mooc is born
May - the design team gathers to share ideas
June - the learnspace is developed and the Ning network begins
July - registrations begin and moocers join the Ning Network

August/September - the mooc levels 1-8 are facilitated, mentored and further enhanced (see my MOOC Reflections pages)
  1. Week 1: establish your own understanding of e-portfolios
  2. Week 2; determine the purpose of your e-portfolio
  3. Week 3: decide where you will create your e-portfolio
  4. Week 4: gather evidence of your learning for your e-portfolio
  5. Week 5: determine how you will engage in reflective practice
  6. Week 6: decide on who to share your e-portfolio with and refine your collections
  7. Week 7: reflect on and evaluate your e-portfolio
October - the mooc experiences are wrapped up, evaluated and reported on to the Australian Eportfolio Conference

  • elated with the opportunity to delve into world of moocs
  • delighted with the response from a core design team for epcop
  • challenged and excited in the collaborative method of development
  • surprised and pleased with numbers and calibre of registrants
  • already we can see the eager beavers communicating in the Orientation forum
  1. MOOC Reflections Week 1
  2. MOOC Reflections Week 2
  3. MOOC Reflections Week 3
  4. MOOC Reflections Week 4
  5. MOOC Reflections Week 5
  6. MOOC Reflections Week 6
  7. MOOC Reflections Week 7
  8. MOOC Reflections Week 8