About Me and my Showcase

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

This is where I plan to store and reflect on my ongoing professional and lifelong learning collections.

The diagram on the left was created to provide a visual image to illustrate what one may include in an e-portfolio and you are welcome to use it. It was based upon an earlier image created by Dr Helen Barrett.

Each page of this 'googlio' has the comments option enabled; please feel free to comment on what you see and read here. This will help me to keep it fresh and meaningful and to provide continuous improvement.

I am a member of the Facebook group called Out of Practice, a network of e-portfolio users who are working towards continuous updating of their sites. This takes discipline and time and any reminders one can get.

Who am I?

I am an independent consultant specialising in facilitating and mentoring for teachers immersing in e-learning.

My professional services are offered to schools, TAFEs, ACE communities, Universities, Toastmaster Clubs and industry.

I am a co-facilitator of the Australia e-Series, an international group sponsored by LearnCentral which provides scheduled webinars in Blackboard Collaborate version 11.

I am the e-facilitator for the e-Portfolios community of practice, and the EpCoP MOOC.

I was the e-learning e-mentor for Hume region in Victoria. I am now an ementor in the MACE Uni4 U program for students in Diploma of Management and Diploma of Community Services.

What is my motto?

... lead, follow and get out of the way ...

What is my digital identity?

I am a digital citizen with a global presence through my Personal Learning Networks. You'll find me on:

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Ning, Moodle, Mahara, Wetpaint, Wikispaces and many other online spaces on the web.

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