The program of the workshop will consist of invited talks by leading international researchers and of presentations by the members of the three projects. The list of confirmed speakers is as follows.

Invited speakers:
  • Claudio De Persis (University of Groningen) - Self-triggered coordination under jamming
  • Dimos Dimarogonas (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) - Distributed hybrid control synthesis for multi-agent systems from high level specifications
  • Alessandro D'Innocenzo (University of L'Aquila) - Modeling and co-design of control tasks over wireless networking protocols
  • Paolo Frasca (University of Twente) - Nonsmooth and hybrid systems in opinion dynamics
  • Maurice Heemels (Eindhoven University of Technology) - Time-regularised and periodic event-triggered control
  • Manuel Mazo Jr. (Delft University of Technology) - Scheduler design for event-triggered control loop
  • Ricardo Sanfelice (University of California Santa Cruz) - Robust hybrid feedback control design tools for networked systems
Speakers from the projects:
  • Vincent Andrieu (LAGEP) - Self-triggered high-gain feedback laws
  • Thao Dang (Verimag) - Template complex zonotopes for stability and invariant verification
  • Mirko Fiacchini (GIPSA-Lab) - Stabilizability and control co-design for discrete-time switched linear systems
  • Antoine Girard (L2S) - Timing contracts for embedded control systems
  • Laurentiu Hetel (CRIStAL) - Recent developments on the stability of systems with aperiodic sampling
  • Samson Lasaulce (L2S) - Information constraints in multiple agent problems with i.i.d. states
  • Oded Maler (Verimag) - On control with bounded computational resources
  • Constantin Morarescu (CRAN) - On the dwell-time ensuring stability of singularly perturbed switched impulsive linear systems
  • Mihaly Petreczky (CRIStAL) - Realization theory of linear switched and linear parameter-varying systems and its application to model reduction and system identification
  • Romain Postoyan (CRAN) - Stability analysis of discrete-time infinite-horizon optimal control with discounted cost
  • Aneel Tanwani (LAAS) - An ISS notion for hyperbolic PDEs with application