Refrigeration Expansion Valve

refrigeration expansion valve
    expansion valve
  • A refrigerant-metering valve with a pressure or temperature controlled orifice.
  • An expansion valve is a slide valve used in a steam engine to control the cut-off. It rides on the back of an adapted main slide valve and is driven by an additional eccentric that has more advance than the main eccentric. The cut-off is adjusted in one of two ways.
  • A part of an air-conditioning system, located between the Condenser and the Evaporator that regulates the flow of liquid Refrigerant to the vaporator.
  • the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes
  • (refrigerant) any substance used to provide cooling (as in a refrigerator)
  • deliberately lowering the body's temperature for therapeutic purposes; "refrigeration by immersing the patient's body in a cold bath"
refrigeration expansion valve - Denso 475-0505
Denso 475-0505 Expansion Valve
Denso 475-0505 Expansion Valve
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Billy Beck & Amy
Billy Beck & Amy
Two of my favorite souls in the world, and specifically, this little world which is Los Angeles (which gets smaller and larger every day). Amy O'Neill on the left and the legendary Billy Beck - who I met cause of Amy. This was the first time in 40 years that he put on this makeup which he used to work as a clown at the famed Cirque Medrano in Paris in the 40s. They weren't actually together in real life like in this photo, but I had a vision of merging two photos of each of them into one. I told Amy of my plan to make one photo out of two photos of her and Billy, and she said, "You mean, like if he and I had a baby?" No. Not exactly, So I matched many photos until I found these two which linked ideally. Amy and I are going to Billy's house on Monday morning - though it's been many months since I photographed him, he has never seen any of the photos. So I will bring him many prints, and we will celebrate his ongoing greatness.
Amy's Farewell
Amy's Farewell
This is Amy O'Neill's
final death throes onstage
at the old Union Theater in
downtown Los Angeles in October, 2006-
as part of Charles Schneider's brilliantly
macabre and hilarious spook show. I took
this photo of the culmination of Amy's
Grand Guignol scene, in which he tongue
is ripped out and she is murdered
by her husband in a rage - with
available light. And never realized I could
salvage this photo, so dark was it.
But days ago, upon Charles request that
I dig out any other photos of this show
for him - I found this, and brought some
light to it - and it startles me, it's so
poignant - the light -
like a Rembrandt or a Carvaggio perhaps -
so moving it looks -
though in fact it was a hilarious
if macabre scene.
Neither Amy nor Charles has seen it
but I predict they will

refrigeration expansion valve
refrigeration expansion valve
AMTROL Fill-Trol 110 Expansion Tank w/ Fill Valve (4.4 Gal Volume)
The Amtrol Fill-Trol 110-1 system contains a diaphragm type Extrol expanion tank and an automatic, pressure reducing Fill-Trol valve.Fill-Trol System Advantagesbull Provides accurate system make upbull Eliminates need for a separate, automatic fill valvebull Fully adjustable up to a max. working pressure of 100 psigAmtrol 110-1 SpecificationsFactory pre-charged 12 psiSystem connection 1/2" female threadedMax. operating temperature 240FMax. operating pressure 100 psigExpansion tank volume 4.4 gallonsMax. accepted volume 2.5 gallonsHeight 17 3/8"Diameter 11"Shipping weight 10 lbsAmtrol 110-1 ApplicationsClosed loop hydronic heating and radiant heating applicationsProduct LiteratureBrochure and sizing (pdf)Submittal data (pdf)Installation manual Warranty (pdf)