Freight Customers Along the UP/C&NW Northwest Line aka Harvard Sub in Illinois

Switching True Value paint factory in Cary, IL, 2005
Working the True Value paint factory spur in Cary, IL

All-time listing of C&NW/UP freight customers on the Northwest Line/Harvard Sub from Clybourn station to the Wisconsin state line.  Please send information on missing industries to me at silphium (at)  See spreadsheet below for details.  In some cases more than one company is shown for the same location as one business went under or relocated and another business moved in to take over the building over the decades.

The sequence starts at Clybourn Junction in Chicago and proceeds northwest to the Wisconsin state line. 

Links page to specific industries.  More to come.

This website is an effort to document the rapidly vanishing freight customers both past and present. Compiled by Tom Burke.

Thanks to George VanDurme, Taylor Rich, Joe Piersen, and Doug Kaniuk for their inputs.  The map sources dated 1917 had updates added to them which is why some dates in the notes section are later than 1917. 

C&NW/UP Northwest Line/Harvard Sub All-Time Freight Customer List April 2013 Update

Tom Burke,
Feb 26, 2016, 4:15 PM