Workshop at the Computational Neuroscience meeting 

CNS*2016 in Jeju, South Korea 

Wednesday, July 6 2016
Track 3, afternoon session

 Recent advances in wearable, dry-electrode electroencephalogram (EEG) system revolutionize the real time brain monitoring, yielding exciting new possibilities for clinical diagnostics and brain-computer interface outside the lab environment. In this workshop, we will present the current state-of-the art in real time decoding of cognitive process in EEG signals. Talks will cover the analysis and measurement platform for the various representations of cognitive functions. Additionally, clinical and neuroscientific application will be presented. This workshop will take a broad view of contemporary EEG research and will be of interest to basic, translational, clinical investigators notwithstanding the engineers.


         Tzyy-Ping Jung (UCSD) 
                ■  John K. Zao (Chiao-Tung Univ.) 
■  Jee Hyun Choi (KIST) 


Meeting schedule

                                                          5:30 ~ 6:00                             Assembly of Korean Society for Computational Neuroscience
                                                          6:00 ~ 7:00                                                                     Banquet