Clubs may choose to set teams and flights, or may elect to have players sign up as a team.  If, the club sets the teams, please do so according to the "General Tournament Policies and Rules" statement.  If, you elect to accept teams, then please flight them according to that same "General Tournament Policies and Rules" document. 



Below is a list of accepted formats for CNSGA tournaments.  If you want to do something differently, please contact the Executive Director or the President.


SCRAMBLE FORMAT (Host club sets up teams):  (2, 3 or 4 man)

All team members are entitled to hit from the tee box.  The team then selects one of the results as the spot to continue play.  Each player may again hit from that spot, repeating this procedure until the ball is holed out.  All player's may place the ball within 1 club length of the original spot (not nearer the hole), but may not change the original cut or line of play.  Players may improve the lie, but NOT the line of a shot.  See Winter Rules in the General Policy section.


SCRAMBLES (pick your partner / team:  (2 or 3 man)

-- same format of play as the Scramble format above, with the following restrictions:

-- CNSGA prefers using a weighted handicap system, but you may choose to flight based on selected holes, front 9 vs. back 9 scores, or another method of your choice.  Just keep it fair to all handicap levels, contact me for approval, AND tell the players how you flighted the tourney.

-- WEIGHTED HANDICAP:  Team handicaps are determined by adding 50% of the lowest handicap player, 25% of the second lowest player and 10% of the third player.  (Example: a 4 handicapper with a 24 handicap partner would get 2 + 6, or a total team handicap of 8 from their gross score) -- round to a single stroke to keep it simple

-- NEXT divide the field into flights by total TEAM handicap  Try to keep 7-12 teams per flight

-- Make individual score cards for each team.  This will allow player's to exchange score cards, AND makes it much easier if you need to substitute a player or change starting holes for a team.


BEST BALL FORMAT:  (4 man - 2 best ball; OR 3 man - 2 best ball; OR 2 man - 1 best ball)

All team members play their own ball individually the entire hole.  Keep individual scores for ALL players, and record BOTH the team best ball GROSS AND NET score at the bottom of the score card.  Since this is a team event, a player with no chance to contribute to the team score may pick up at any time to speed play. 

-- give 100% of the players handicap strokes based on hole ranking, and HAVE STROKES MARKED on the score card before play begins. 

-- Give no more than 36 handicap or 2 strokes per hole maximum.  

-- NOTE:  The lowest possible score on ANY HOLE is a ONE.  Player's may NOT use handicap strokes to reduce scores below an ACE.

-- Have score cards for each team, do not combine team's into one card.  Team's can then exchange cards.



This is a Best Ball format as above, EXCEPT the tee shot ONLY is a scramble shot.  All players on a team hit from the tee box, the team then selects the drive they wish to play.  All team members then play out the rest of the hole individually from that spot.  See Best Ball rules above. 

--EXCEPTION:  No more than 1 stroke handicap on Par 3 holes.  The reason is that a double digit handicap player should not have two putts to score a net 1 because of his partner's exceptional tee shot.  In the rare case of a hole-in-one, all team members may record a gross and net 1 on the scorecard. 



In the event you are missing a player, consult with CNSGA directors present to determine the best way to equalize teams.