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In the event you are short a player, consult with CNSGA directors present to adjust teams or handicaps.



            HOST CLUB PAIRED EVENTS (NOT pick your partner):  (2 & 3 man events):

-- divide the field into multiple flights by individual handicaps, if fewer than 40 players you may run one flight

-- THEN make up teams within the flights keeping total team handicaps as equal as possible

-- consider having a Super Senior flight (over age 75) if you have enough players

            CHOOSE YOUR PARTNER (or Choose Your Team) EVENTS:

-- on ALL Handicapped tournaments, calculate TEAM handicap

--WEIGHTED HANDICAP system: calculate team handicaps by giving 50% of the low handicap and 25% of the higher handicap as an adjusted team handicap (i.e. a 4 handicapper with a 24 handicap partner would get 2 + 6, or a total team handicap of 8 from their gross score) -- on 3 man scrambles give 50%, 25%, & 10% -- round to a single stroke to keep it simple

-- THEN divide the field into flights by total TEAM handicap

-- CNSGA prefers using a weighted handicap system, BUT you may choose to flight based on selected holes, front vs. back 9, or another method of your choice -- just keep it fair to all handicap levels, AND tell the players how you flighted the tourney


-- BEST BALL: give each individual player 100% of their individual handicap on a hole by hole basis


TEES: 2017 policy

-- All player's will use the "senior" tees at all tournaments. 

-- All player's 75 and older MAY use the next forward most tees, regardless of handicap or flight. 

-- EXCEPTION in pick your partner events, IF you have enough players with low handicaps you may elect to have the championship flight play the regular men's tees.  You know your course and what would be fair, but still challenging for their skill level.

-- Super Senior flights should be players age 75 and older



All our events are "Winter Rules" or preferred lies on the entire course.  Player's may improve lies within one club length (no closer to the hole) with no restrictions, even in hazards.  However the improvement MUST be in the same cut of grass.  Balls in tall rough may NOT be moved to first cut rough, balls in the fringe may NOT be moved to the fairway, etc.  Balls played from a hazard may be placed, but lies may not be improved to be outside of the hazard (clubs should NOT be grounded, and practice swings are NOT permitted, etc).  Once on the green, putts must be played within 6" of the original spot, not nearer the hole.  NOTE:  Player's are expected to use discretion and fair play in taking the one club length allowance.  For example a ball found in water, should NOT be moved to a dry location, even though still within the hazard and within one club length of the original spot.  Similar consideration should be given if a ball is within (or behind) the branches of a tree, bush, or other natural obstacle.  Players may improve the lie, but NOT the line of a shot.



CNSGA's official policy is:  All putts for birdie or better must be holed out.  Players should use good judgment in giving other putts.  At the Memorial Tourney ALL putts must be holed out.  We do not want to cause slow play, but CNSGA considers it unsportsmanlike to give yourself, your team, or your opponent putts longer than 24".  In One-Man Scrambles ALL putts are to be holed, NO GIMMIES.  In the Memorial Tournament ALL putts are to be holed out.




General Rules and Suggestions:


CNSGA wants to pay as many players as possible, rather than have any single player receive a large payback

-- Tournament agreements require a MINIMUM of 30% of the entry fee be paid back

-- pay no more than 1-1½ times the entry fee for 1st place (i.e. $50 entry should pay $50-$75 maximum for 1st place)

-- ALL HANDICAPPED events require paying BOTH Gross and NET places, and MUST pay AT LEAST 2 places Gross (equal numbers preferred)

-- pay as many places as possible

-- try to make paybacks easily divisible between players, try to have small bills in the envelope to make division easier

-- if using merchandise certificates have them preprinted to save time  (these seniors seem to be in a hurry)


Speed play:

-- to speed play, conceding tap-in putts will not negate remaining partners a chance to make the original putt

-- advise players to use caution conceding putts, NO "gimmies" for Birdie or better

-- NEVER more than 6 on a tee box, if an odd number of teams in a 3 man scramble send one team out alone


Score Cards:

-- make score cards for EACH team.  It's much easier to make adjustments in case of no-shows or late entries

-- Teams should EXCHANGE SCORE CARDS, and have someone from EACH team sign when finished

-- Player's are responsible for submitting a complete & correct score card, once submitted it cannot be changed


Flag prizes:

-- we encourage (but do not require) giving flag prizes to give more players a chance at winning something

-- flag prizes DO count toward your 30% required minimum payback

-- try to avoid multiple flag prize winners - one per player preferred


GPS – Laser:

CNSGA will allow any measuring device approved by the USGA to be used at our tournaments.



-- CNSGA reserves the right to adjust individual player’s handicaps at any event

-- if you question a players handicap, contact a CNSGA Director immediately, we will work with you to solve the question


Suggestions / Observations:

-- Have players check-in as they arrive, so you know if anyone is missing

-- Have players names on the carts, and carts lined up by hole assignment

-- Have players names (& handicaps if applicable) on cards

-- Remind players to exchange score cards and check their cards

-- Have a greeter with a master list to get players to the right cart & post a master list by the entry door

-- Post flights & scores (Required) after the event so players can see where they finished/placed

-- Have enough help to tend bar, serve food, and calculate / post scores

-- IF there is any possibility of running out of food, you need to SERVE it to control the portion sizes

-- Have 2-4 local standby players available with varying handicaps, as there are often last minute cancellations or no-shows

--you may use non-CNSGA members as fill-ins (age 50+), BUT they can NOT receive any  tournament payouts


-- Be sure to have a couple of extra carts available, in case of a break down

-- if enough players, consider having a “Super Senior” flight for players over 75

-- Round payouts to be easily divided (example don’t give $50 to be divided 3 ways pay $48 or $51 instead)

-- use small bills to aid in division among the winning team OR have merchandise certificates pre-printed

-- tournaments that consistently “fill” are the ones that provide the best meals


Again, THANK YOU for agreeing to host a CNSGA event.

Contact me with any questions or suggestions.  We want to get as many people to your tournament as possible, as your success also helps CNSGA. 

FA “Andy” Anderson, PO Box 321, Kearney, NE  68848    308-325-2035 or e-mail:    lakewayinc@verizon.net

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