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CNSGA wants to pay as many players as possible, rather than have any single player receive a large payback, so

-- we encourage giving flag prizes to give more players a chance at receiving something back

-- pay no more than 1-1½ times the entry fee for 1st place (i.e. $50 entry should pay $50-$75 maximum for 1st place)

-- pay as many places as possible

-- try to make paybacks easily dividable between players, try to have small bills in the envelope to make division easier



-- use the regular men’s tees for the majority of the field

-- you may allow a “super senior” flight to use forward tees;

-- you may allow players at least 75-80 to use forward tees in higher handicapped flights ONLY


Scrambles – 3 & 4 man:

-- divide the field into multiple flights by individual handicaps, if you have fewer than 50 players you may run one flight

-- then make up teams within the flights keeping total team handicaps as equal as possible

-- consider having a Super Senior flight (over age 75) if you have enough players


Choose your partner -- 2 man Scramble:

-- divide the field into flights by total team handicap, if you have fewer than 50 players you may run one flight

-- pay gross & net places in EACH flight

-- team handicap should be no more than the average of the total individual handicaps; BUT we recommend that you give 50% of the low handicap and 25% of the higher handicap as an adjusted team handicap (i.e. a 4 handicapper with a 24 handicap partner would get 2 + 6, or a total handicap of 8 from their gross score)


Choose your partner -- 2 man Best Ball:

-- divide the field into flights by total team handicap, if you have fewer than 50 players you may run one flight

-- pay gross & net places in EACH flight

-- give each individual player at least 75% to 100% of their individual handicap on a hole by hole basis



-- flighted by age groups as directed by CNSGA

-- individual tournament using full handicaps

-- Gross and Net payments to each flight



-- CNSGA reserves the right to adjust individual player’s handicaps at any event

-- if you question a players handicap, contact me immediately, we will work with you to solve the question

-- we will use the scores recorded in previous Treadway individual tournaments


Suggestions / Observations:

Have players check in as they arrive, so you know if anyone is missing

Have players names on the carts, and carts lined up by hole assignment 

Have a greeter with a master list to get players to the right cart & post a master list by the entry door

Have enough help to tend bar, serve food, and calculate/post scores

Have 2-4 local standby players available with varying handicaps, as there are often last minute cancellations or no-shows.

  --you may use non-CNSGA members as fill-ins (age 50+), but they can not receive any tournament payouts

Be sure to have a couple of extra carts available, in case of a break down

Consider having a “Super Senior” flight for players over 75.  This has been well received at the tournaments that have tried it.

Round payouts to be easily divided (example don’t give $50 to be divided 3 ways pay $48 or $51 instead)

Have small bills in payout envelopes to aid in division among the winning team

Tournaments that consistently “fill” are the ones that provide the best meals and are well organized


Contact me with any questions or suggestions, and keep me posted on the number of entries you receive so we can announce openings at upcoming tournaments.  We want to get as many people to your tournament as possible, as your success also helps CNSGA. FA “Andy” Anderson, 6 Mallard Beach, Dr 19b, Johnson Lake, NE  68937, phone: 308-325-2035 or e-mail: lakeway@charter.net


Again, THANK YOU for agreeing to host a CNSGA event.