Tackling core Neuroscience problems such as memory, perception or attention has been possible, up to now, by focusing on small brain areas where simplified dynamics and connectivity patterns could be assumed, or by using full brain imaging techniques which provide little information about the dynamics of local microcircuits. With the development of novel imaging and neuroanatomical techniques in the recent years, a more systematic study of the brain at a full-size scale is getting close to reality. However, our current understanding of the dynamics of large-scale brain networks, constituted by a complex composite of different neural micro- and mesocircuits, is very limited and requires a significant theoretical and computational effort.

In this one-day workshop, recent theoretical and experimental advances on the structure and dynamics of large-scale neural circuits will be presented. Our main goal will be to foster interactions between experimental, computational and theoretical neuroscientists interested in the brain as a large-scale networked system.

Confirmed speakers:

- Chris Eliasmith (U. Waterloo)

- Henry Kennedy (INSERM, Lyon)

- Francis Song (New York University)

- John Murray (New York University)

- Stefan Mihalas (Allen Institute, Seattle)

- Randy McIntosh (Baycrest Center, Toronto)

- Adrian Ponce (UPF, Barcelona)

- Demian Battaglia (U. Marseille)

One or two slots might be available for students or postdocs who would like to present their work. Please contact the organizers if interested.

If you are planning to attend to the workshop, please send an email to largescale.cns14@gmail.com, so that the organizers can keep track of the expected number of attendants and plan accordingly.