(from Dorie 4/27)

Lake Ming Campgrounds - Two locations, 8 sites per side, 8-10 people per site.  These are first-come, first serve.  You go, find an open space, stake your territory, and the Ranger will come collect the fees. 

I am trying to get them to let us book it early.  I haven’t succeeded yet.  I could go over Friday morning, but I don’t know how I would stake claim to the spaces.  I guess I could tie up a dog at each spot...(just kidding).

Costs are $22.00 for the first car, $10.00 for each additional car, $5.00 for “toy-haulers,”
$4.00 per pet, limit two. 

I will find more campgrounds as time allows, probably after 5/5.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at, or call 661-399-2282.

I will also add a list of hikes and activities that adults and/or kids would enjoy.  Make it a vacation.
Come early or stay late.
  Thank you for your time.  Hope to see you soon.