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Banquet - keynote

Note: Attendance at banquet and keynote required pre-registration. (ended 3/10)

- (from Jack Tracey) The Saturday evening dinner will be an “Annual Banquet South” as we will be inviting Fellows and Members of our Donor and Legacy Circles statewide, hoping to particularly reach the Southern California folks who were not able to travel to the Bay Area, as well as leadership contributors from the host chapters.  With the potential for a larger than usual attendance, we’re moving the banquet to the Doubletree, Claremont, where we’ve gotten a $25 per person meal plan.

Option 1:  House salad with ranch and Italian dressings, spaghetti with marinara sauce (meatless), chef’s homemade garlic bread

Option 2:  House salad with ranch and Italian dressings, honey herb roasted chicken, rice pilaf and fresh steamed vegetables, rolls and butter

included with both: Doubletree cookie, coffee, ice tea.  Wine available at your table.

KEYNOTE - (from Jack Tracey) The dinner speaker will be Patrick S. Larkin, Executive Director, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.  He will be speaking about RSABG’s Seed Collection and Storage program.