Saturday agenda

CNPS Conservation Conference - Fort Bragg, California

 September 11, 2010 - 8:30 am to 5 pm

2010 Focus on Conservation

The purpose of this event is to bring together CNPS Chapter officers, conservationists, CNPS Board Members and Staff to review the history, and current status of native rare plant conservation in California. Presentations will focus primarily on issues surrounding CNPS List 2 taxa protection, but will range beyond the conservation of the single species to include conservation of natural communities. A panel of speakers will lead a discussion of short and long-term recommendations for native plant conservation actions.


1. Raise awareness about the current issues relating to the conservation of native plants, especially CNPS List 2 taxa, but including locally rare taxa and natural communities. By the end of the day, Chapter conservationists will better understand the arena in which plant conservation and regulatory action discussions occur.

2. Identify and implement action(s) that both Chapters and State will use to improve native plant conservation. These should be activities whereby Chapter members can translate their interest and/or knowledge of native plant biology into the regulatory arena. Examples include:

For Chapters

a. Chapter study group/workshop - a chapter event held between September 2010-March 2011 where members address a Chapter-specific issue related to material discussed at this event;

b. Chapter guest speaker - a guest speaker is invited to a Chapter meeting to address a Chapter-specific issue related to material discussed at this event

c. Engage in local/regional land-use planning - members attend Chapter-related land-use planning meetings and identify/engage in native plant conservation issues addressed in:

i. General Plan updates

ii. Regional Transportation Plan updates

iii. NCCP/HCPs

For State

Conservation Director convenes a subcommittee to explore CNPS Action Strategy for conservation of CNPS List 2 taxa, rare natural communities, locally/regionally rare taxa and communities, and how best to engage with various agencies on these issues.

3. Establish due dates for, and report progress on implementation of Chapter and State actions. The Conservation Director will present a report summarizing to what degree the Chapters and State have achieved Goal #2, at the March 2011 Chapter Council meeting.





Welcome and overview of the day

Nancy Morin


CNPS Conservation Program: Overview of the State program for 2009-2010, highlighting CNPS List 2 issues and the goal of the day's events. 

Greg Suba


CNPS Rare Plant Program: The rare plant status review process. presentation

Aaron Sims


Plant Protection and the law: NPPA, CESA, CEQA presentation - presentation(pdf) - key law provisions(doc)

Vern Goehring





Emerging Conservation Strategies and Concerns: policy, regulation, and scientific justification for conserving peripheral populations, locally rare taxa, natural communities, and species of special concern. presentation

Gordon Leppig


Vegetation Classification & Mapping: how alliance-level vegetation maps represent a tool to facilitate natural communities conservation, and why other vegetation maps currently in use fail to provide the same accuracy of information. presentation(Evens) - presentation(Keeler-Wolf)

Todd Keeler-Wolf, Julie Evens



Lunch presentation: The Flora of North America Project presentation

 Nancy Morin


Conservation of CNPS List 2 taxa as addressed in timber harvest plans and renewable energy projects. presentation(LaBanca) - presentation(Suba)

Tony LaBanca,
Greg Suba


Speaker Panel Q&A: CNPS's role in conserving peripheral populations and natural communities:

Panelists will be given specific prompts from which to begin group discussion, and field Q&A.






CEQA Challenges: the legislative forecast for 2011.  (Randy is a consultant to the California Senate Environmental Quality Committee in Sacramento, CA)

Randy Pestor


Rare Plant Treasure Hunt: a 2010 CNPS success story. presentation

Josie Crawford, Amber Swanson


Feedback and next steps:

Building continuity and developing strategy

Greg Suba



Nancy Morin


Happy gathering time begins!



CNPS Dinner:  "Conservation of Rare and Unusual Species and Communities of the Mendocino Coast"

Teresa Sholars


Re. conservation agenda items, contact Conservation Program Director, Greg Suba at