Student CND

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Who Are We?
We are a society affiliated to Stirling Student Union whose purpose is to campaign against Britain's nuclear weapons. You can have a look at our aims in more detail in our constitution.

Why Should I Be Interested?
Because if you join, you'll get a super cool Stirling Uni CND badge! More seriously, £100bn is being spent as you read this on Britain's nuclear weapons project, a hugely big number for an incredibly useless project. That's equivalent to all tuition fees for all students in the UK (including international students) for 30 years. Find out more about what that money could be spent on by clicking here.

But I'm Scottish, I Get Free Tuition!
Lucky you! That money could also run all A&E departments in the UK for 40 years.

When & Where Do We Meet?
Wednesdays at 7.00pm in room 2A9 in Cottrell- turn right down A corridor coming off the link bridge, keep going to the end, then go through the door on the right.

What Kind Of Things Do We Do?
So far this semester, we've had a Pizza Party, a Pub Quiz and a couple of Campaigning Meetings. Over the next few weeks, we're collaborating with the wonderful Politics Society on an event called 'The Stirling Missile Crisis' (3rd April), we'll be running stalls in the atrium, we're showing a film (Threads, 1984) and hosting Youth & Student CND's National Gathering. On top of all that, we'll be sending volunteers to festivals each summer in order to fundraise, all expenses paid!

How Can I Find Out More Or Get Involved?
You can take a look at our Facebook page, drop us an email at or come along to one of our meetings! If you'd like to support us by becoming a member, we'd be incredibly grateful, it costs just £5 on the portal.

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