Computer Requirement

According to the Minimum Requirements of MACH3 software, your computer must meet the following requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP Operating System
  • 1Ghz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Non-integrated Video Card with 32MB RAM
  • Basic Computer Skills (ability to copy/rename files, browse directories, etc)
  • Desktop PC if using the Mach3 Driver (Laptops are not supported because the power saving features of the chipsets disrupt the pulse stream)
  • On Board Parallel Port.

If your computer does not have the parallel port, please obtain either following items:

1. Optional PCMCIA laptop cards to LPT
2. Optional desktop PCI or ISA cards to LPT

Simple USB to LPT port converter cannot be used for engraving machine control.

If you need to drive our CNC machine with USB interface, we have a particular USB to Parallel Converter for you.

Latest Update: 11 April 2009