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We had a nice dry and sunny finish to the 2018 walking season this week, in fact it was sadly the last walk of the CNBC Hikers with members now moving on to their own separate parts of the UK.

The walking club was formed circa 1987 and for a few years even included cycling, we must have thousands of miles under our belt (or feet as it were) and countless steps and revolutions of the wheel, not to mention the odd pint and pub lunch. It has certainly been fun so a great big thank you to all hikers and bikers who have taken part over the years.

The last walk of the 2018 season was:-
Higher Burardsley - Bulkeley Hill
  • Date: 22nd October
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Start: Barrack's Lane
  • Distance: 3.39 Miles
  • Height Gain: 160 Metres
  • Route details can be found on our walks page
As always could you please let either Glyn or Pete know at least 24 hours in advance if you will be joining us.

Various photographs from our walks
Wepre Park - Flintshire

Wepre Park - Flintshire

We came across this waterfall on our walk around Wepre Park in Flintshire,
we then carried on up the hill to conquer the castle.

Moreton Corbet

Moreton Corbet

Ghostly goings on in the ruins of the old castle at Moreton Corbet


Robert Peel

Hello, Hello, Hello - it's surprising who you come across while out walking,
Sir Robert Peel at Gawsworth no less

Narrow Escape No15

Narrow Escape No15
We certainly dice with death when we go out on our hiking expeditions, who would have thought just climbing over a stile could lead to our demise.


Levada Walk

A bit further afield - Walking along the Levada's in Madeira, the path is only 18 inches wide with the side of a mountain on one side and a sheer drop on the other with many places not protected by fence work.

More photographs from our walks can be found on the Gallery page