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11+yr CNA Instructor & Proctor
(for CNA & MAs) 
(AHA, Feeding Assistant  & Dementia Care Training 
amongst )

99% pass-rate         Feedback

A+ BBB rating

A Teacher Who Loves Her Work!
As a former MT assisted living RN/administrator and MT-approved independent trainer/tester for MT CNAs (on top of working a small family farm business), I am blessed with many successful CNA & AHA BLS graduates, who most  always passed their exams the first time, whether as challengers utilizing part/s of my curriculum or the full "MT-approved" class. Krissy Murnin Eades https://www.linkedin.com/in/heartandhandstrainingand Zach Kamla https://www.linkedin.com/in/heartandhandstrainingare just a couple of examples. 
2008-2011 were my busiest years. Due to 2013 divorce, transitioning, and then relocation to California late 2015, I no longer have a MT clinical ALF facility/lab of my own. However, CNA students &/or candidates may complete the online CNA theory and lab preparation and then challenge the MT Exam or finish full MT-approved NATP at a participating MT-approved nursing facility with a MT-approved RN-Clinical Instructor.  (07/2017: Available as challenge course only)
The majority of my nursing experience is in long-term care and areas very applicable to this specialty (as is my 12-yrs of being a stay-at-home Mom). I began as a nurse aide at 16yo, progressing to LPN, and graduating from the University of Utah with a BSN (RN). The most rewarding work in nursing is that often delegated to CNAs. 
Both of my daughters were CNAs, one in Australia and New Zealand and the other, now an AD RN graduate of MCC & WGU BSN grad, worked 2yr8mos for Altru Health System of Grand Forks, ND/MN and now for St. Luke's, a  magnet facility of Boise/Meridian, ID. My Dad provided NA care for my totally dependent Mom for ~20 years, 24/7/365, one awesome man!* The fall I started college, my Mom was diagnosed with MS 2 wks after informing me that a former very special MS patient in my care (and whom Dad and Mom helped me take on outings) died of  a complication of MS, totally preventable with good NA care. As a family, we all value and think everyone should have the experience of this kind of work. The day-to-day cares delegated to CNAs are the most noble and have the GREATEST impact on individual's lives and health. *Dad passed away 9/5/11, and we moved Mom to a nice LTCF with her new kitty less than 2 mi from her youngest son & family (Thank you, Bert & family, & all her awesome caregivers!).
In continuing CNA prep coaching online, I am readily available nearly around the clock, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (including travel/vacations). I have even continued classes during emergency times (including my Dad's death with Mom's relocation from NV to MO).
I look forward to assisting anyone desirous in any way I can within my abilities and stretching  them beyond, as well!

I am a past shepherd of an awesome flock of Shetland-Icelandic Sheep and avid Fiber-Arts Crafter of all kinds (vikingsheepart). 
My Roots (1st 13 yrs of my life) are in the Crooks Gap, Wyoming AREA.
Sheep Mountain near Jeffrey City (Home on the Range-fb, between Lander and Muddy Gap).
I have served as a camp nurse for MT-DNRC Montana Youth Range Camp, held several offices for RANGE RIDERS (MUSEUM) REPS & I am a past  member &/or supporter => Senior Bash, Erin's Hope Project, 4H, SE MT Fair, PLUNGE, FUN2U, Head Start, Smile Savers, Milwaukee Park & Bill Matthews Recreation projects, Lewis&Clark Days, CC Art Center, Farmer's Market, July 4th Parade, and Birthright among other events and groups.