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As of 06/2017, the  class is  to prep/review for or challenge State CNA Examinhation.

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A Teacher Who Loves Her Work!
As a former MT assisted living RN/administrator and MT-approved independent trainer/tester for MT CNAs since 2006, I am blessed with many successful graduates who most  always pass the MT exam the first time, whether as challengers utilizing part/s of my curriculum or the full "MT-approved" class. Krissy Murnin Eades https://www.linkedin.com/in/heartandhandstrainingand Zach Kamla https://www.linkedin.com/in/heartandhandstrainingare just a couple of examples. 
2008-2011 were my busiest years. Due to 2013 divorce, transitioning, and then relocation to California late 2015, I no longer have a MT clinical facility/lab of my own. However, CNA students &/or candidates may complete the online CNA theory and lab preparation and then challenge the MT Exam or finish full MT-approved NATP at an approved a participating MT-approved nursing facility with a MT-approved RN-Clinical Instructor.  
The majority of my nursing experience is in long-term care and areas very applicable to this specialty (as is my 12-yrs of being a stay-at-home Mom). I began as a nurse aide at 16yo, progressing to LPN, and graduating from the University of Utah with a BSN (RN). The most rewarding work in nursing is that often delegated to CNAs. 
Both of my daughters were CNAs, one in Australia and New Zealand and the other, now a RN graduate of MCC Nursing, worked 2yr8mos for Altru Health System of Grand Forks, ND/MN and now for St. Luke's, a  magnet facility of Boise/Meridian, ID. My Dad provided NA care for my totally dependent Mom for ~20 years, 24/7/365, one awesome man!* The fall I started college, my Mom was diagnosed with MS 2 wks after informing me that a former very special MS patient in my care (and whom Dad and Mom helped me take on outings) died of  a complication of MS, totally preventable with good NA care. As a family, we all value and think everyone should have the experience of this kind of work. The day-to-day cares delegated to CNAs are the most noble and have the GREATEST impact on individual's lives and health. *Dad passed away 9/5/11, and we moved Mom to a nice LTCF with her new kitty less than 2 mi from her youngest son & family (Thank you, Bert & family, & all her awesome caregivers!).
In continuing CNA prep coaching online, I am readily available nearly around the clock, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (including travel/vacations). I have even continued classes during emergency times (including my Dad's death with Mom's relocation from NV to MO).
I look forward to assisting anyone desirous of working in this type of work, so feel free to contact me anytime! 

I am a past shepherd of an awesome flock of Shetland-Icelandic Sheep and avid Fiber-Arts Crafter of all kinds (vikingsheepart). 
My Roots (1st 13 yrs of my life) are in the Crooks Gap, Wyoming AREA.
Sheep Mountain near Jeffrey City (Home on the Range-fb, between Lander and Muddy Gap).
I have served as a camp nurse for MT-DNRC Montana Youth Range Camp, held several offices for RANGE RIDERS (MUSEUM) REPS & I am a past  member &/or supporter => Senior Bash, Erin's Hope Project, 4H, SE MT Fair, PLUNGE, FUN2U, Head Start, Smile Savers, Milwaukee Park & Bill Matthews Recreation projects, Lewis&Clark Days, CC Art Center, Farmer's Market, July 4th Parade, and Birthright among other events.