Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going

    We invite to this page 
                           ...the tourists to share the details of where they've been 
                  to know where they're going..!

All of us travel to some place or other at some time or other.. How funny it is to know that we need so much details and have so many questions when we actually plan for a trip..! More often this quest for details is so exasperating that we ultimately end-up dropping the travel plan and at other times we end-up going to a place where we muse ..if only I had known this...!

This page is intended to help us with such details that our members provide based on their travel experience. 

So, If any one of you had just returned from Moon, Mars or Neptune, 
please send  the details to ; We'll publish it here, it could help others..!

Come Join the Journey here...!