Torch bearers

A Great organization is not born by accident. It is normally the brainchild of one or more great people. Our association also holds similarity with this.There were a few service minded residents who were greatly instrumental in founding it.
Such torchbearers are the focus of our attention in this page. 

Their effort and ideas were instrumental in the forming and shaping the association in the form that we see it today.
It might be argued that the personal necessities and problems are normally the triggers for an association like this. 
Yes! Very true.! Personal necessities  have been the trigger for many a great movements and so was in this case too. Only a few used their personal problems and experiences to the benefit of others or Society.These people apart from being few are also rare.

The insult meted out to Gandhi at South Africa seeded a steely resolve in his heart and that  was instrumental in India becoming free.!  It is more than half a century since the independence;We are yet to find another Gandhi or the second Gandhi is yet to be insulted ..!

How many of us have used our personal experiences to solve the problems of others?.

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