Silver Jubilee Songs


 Today is a great day in the history of CMWA, the day we get together to celebrate its Silver Jubilee.

 Silver Jubilee of CMWA signifies the completion of 25 years of its existence. It is just not an event, but is a special milestone. A milestone denotes a significant stage or event in the development of something. In case of our Association too, it’s not just about its existence for 25 years, but, also about its continuous development.

When we talk of associations, there are many. But, Is there a differentiator that makes CMWA special?  Yes..! There is one..! It is the development of unity among the members that binds them as a family. When we recollect the nostalgic memories of the 25 long years, we definitely have enough justification to feel proud of ourselves..!

 When we are talking of people of diverse culture, personality and individual attributes, finding something in common, that binds them and helps them to relate with one another with ease is essential. Important and essential as it may be, it is also as difficult to find such a common thread among many. We, at CMWA, have found that one thread that links all of us. It is the love and respect for one another. When you come to know that such an environment of mutual love and respect has been a hall-mark of this association from the day it has been founded, you hardly feel surprised at its exalted current state!

 In the context of present days, where people wanting to Operate  alone rather than Co-Operate  with others, finding an association like CMWA may be a tough task. Each and every member of the association feeling enthused and proud to be part of the whole rather than wanting to be of his own is the hallmark of CMWA. It is indeed the secret of its success and Glory..!

 We at CMWA believe in “Love all Serve all “ – a sacred dictum that encompasses our principle of equality.  Let’s take a moment at this august occasion to reinforce our belief and commitment in this principle and march towards the golden jubilee..!

 It is also our privilege to release today a set of songs on our association to depict its quintessence theme Viz. Unity.  

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Long live UNITY .. Long live CMWA .. Long Live India..!