Guiding Principles

The 10 principles below reflect our beliefs about the role of its service to the Society and the impact that we want this association to have. The principles guide what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

While many of them are fundamental to the way we operate, we will remain open to amending them as we grow and learn more about our activities.

  #1.    Interests and passions of the resident members drive the
 #2.    Treat each of the members equally.
 #3.    Treat each other as valued colleagues.
 #4.    Use collective strength to address common problems
        of the members / society peacefully
 #5.    Advocate—vigorously but responsibly—in our areas of focus.
 #6.    Set rules for our association just to guide us to operate
        meaningfully and not to rule others.

 #7.    Be humble and mindful in actions and words.

 #8.    Deliver results with the resources that have been given
        and seek and share information about those results.

 #9.    Demand ethical behaviour of ourselves.

 #10.    Leave room for growth and change.